Looking for the basics? Learn the primary obedience objectives: Sit, down, stay, heel, recall, and move on to advanced obedience!

Whether you're looking for private puppy obedience lessons to jump-start your training, or teaching an old dog new tricks, Pawsitive Pooch is here for you. Private obedience lessons can be ideal for high energy and highly distracted dogs, or for more difficult cases.

It's much more than just your basic sit-stay class. Owners will also learn how to better communicate with their dogs, read body language and behavior responses, learn about modern dog training theories and methodology. We focus on positive reinforcement and natural learning in dogs to create confident companions.



Want to wow your guests? Audition for a commercial? Get a ton of Instagram followers? Learn to clicker-train your coworkers?

Take our trick training lessons! In these you will learn techniques for shaping complex behaviors and how to problem solve to create your own tricks. Currently offered privately, group classes will come soon. Aptitude with basic obedience is required. Not exclusive to dogs - cats and other capable animals are eligible for our trick training courses, no obedience required.



Got an avid barker? A leash lunger? Growling or overexcited and rude greetings with other dogs? Behavior modification covers nuisance behaviors of all kinds.

Learn how to handle these problems and more in behavior modification lessons. We cover recognizing your dog's signals and difficult situations to manage problem behaviors, and how to work with your dog to produce positive behaviors even when the going gets tough. 



Does your dog bite? Resource guard? Hide under your bed all day? 

We specialize in fearful and reactive dogs. With extensive history working with rescues and bite-risk dogs to facilitate adoption and continued health in the home, no problem is too big for us to tackle. Change your fearful dog into a confident, happy one. Work with your aggressive/reactive dog in constructive ways to overcome their problem or dangerous behaviors. 

Learn how to apply core training methods for desensitization and counterconditioning, understand your dog's behavior and the source of the problem, and how to work with your dog in a low-stress, risk free environment. We'll cover body language, canine behavior theory, advanced behavior modification techniques, and management/prevention while we focus on getting your dog healthy again.



At Pawsitive Pooch, we offer service dog training basics to advanced task training. With a specialty in PSD's, we love and appreciate our service dog companions.

We'll coach you on your rights and liabilities while handling a service animal, what the dog needs to know before it can be allowed public access, and how to communicate to others your ADA rights and what your service dog can do for you.

Whether it's a brand new puppy or a rescue, we can do a behavior assessment and work on creating your everyday companion. Training a service animal is a lengthy process, and we understand many choose to train their own dogs, or seek the aid of a professional to guide their training regimen. Our goals for service dogs are to make sure they are socialized, skilled, and focused. Enjoy a professional experience while being able to bond with your new partner, and learn how to train the dog in the tasks that you need to mitigate your disability. While our primary work is in PSDs with a breadth of experience in autism and PTSD service dogs, we also task train for physical and mobility disabilities, including medical alert.

Contact us for more details about service dogs and service training.