“Excellent trainer capable of positively enhancing the relationship between you & your pet. Be it special needs, behavior modification, or just basic skills for living a happy life together, they can help you succeed.”

-Michelle Lennox


“Elena is thoroughly educated on animal behavior, and goes above and beyond in her sessions. She only uses positive training techniques that will actually strengthen your bond with your pet. She has worked with our resident dog as well as our foster dogs, there isn’t an issue she hasn’t been able to help us with from reactivity, fear, leash manners, kennel training... she does it all. She also provides very clear written directions after sessions so there’s no worries about forgetting any of her advice.

And if you’re community minded, Elena has given countless hours to nonprofits and service cases helping animals, sometimes those others have deemed ‘hopeless.’

If you believe you don’t have to hurt or scare an animal into submitting but instead want to work with your pup to build a trusting relationship, this is the company for you. I’ve recommended Pawsitive Pooch and will continue to. Elena has helped me become a much more confident dog parent, and it’s amazing to see how she can change a dog’s life for the better.”

-Brianna Adotta, Fibi and Foster dog, Walt


“Elena has helped us out greatly with boarding our puppy for several months. During his time with her he has begun his service dog training as well and is doing very well at focusing in public due to Elena's excellent training. Our dog is always so happy to see Elena. Elena treats Auggie like he is her own dog! We know he is well cared for when he is at her house.”

-Nicole Sauder and Auggie


“My male Dalmatian was diagnosed with heart disease before he turned two. And, he is a stone forming dog. With this diagnoses and knowing the importance of diet, I turned to Elena at Pawsitive Pooch. Not only did she formulate a heart smart diet that prevents stones; but, she does his meal preparation with emphasis on supplements and ph balance.

Elena is dependable and her rates are incredible when comparing these services with others who do not have the nutritional background she offers. I admire and appreciate the canines she has removed from less than ideal circumstances and trained into guide dogs for the disabled. She sees values in dogs others do not have the eye for and trains these creatures for a better purpose serving others.

I strongly recommend Elena, not only for training; but, any needs that may arise from being a dog owner - behavioral, nutritional or otherwise. Her services are flawless, personable, well priced and deliver results.”

-Gina (whatever her last name is) and DOG NAME


“Elena is one of the most knowledgeable, humane, committed, and skilled dog trainers in Portland. Her range is impressive -- she does humane service dog training, basic training, and does behavior modification for dogs with separation, fear, and aggression issues. She holds her clients in total positive regard and is profoundly supportive of them. I can't recommend Elena highly enough! She succeeds where other trainers fail.”

-Mia Bonadonna


“I have a wonderful dog who has some unique challenges. I was so thrilled to meet Elena and then have her work with us. She never made me feel bad about my mistakes. She has a very positive approach working with our strengths. I know I have more to learn and will gladly turn to Elena for future advise and help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog trainer.”

-Laura Kuperstein


“Elena has just been wonderful to work with helping me learn to train my mobility and medical alert service dog. Her methods are completely science based and she herself is constantly learning and stays up to date on everything going on in the dog world. She is excellent at explaining all the steps and techniques, theory, and science clearly and easy to understand in lay man’s terms.

Working with her has made training a fun and joyful experience, and she’s even helped me with some behavioral issues with my other pet dog too! I see my dogs improving and learning in leaps and bounds everyday because of her. She’s also extremely supportive on the human end. Anytime I have questions over messenger or text in between training sessions she answers in a timely manner or if it’s something that can’t be done over text, we set up an emergency Skype or in person session.

I had both my dogs board with her for just one week while I was on vacation and paid for extra training and when I came back it really showed just in that short amount of time. I really wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dogs and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Asiya Zahl


“I am so appreciative of what you have done for Ruger. Ruger is a loving pup again. He has gained confidence with himself and now can trust people again.”

-Carissa Fink